SD Operational Area Position Checklists

Please review the checklists for training and experience requirements for CICCS Certifications based on position. If there is not a link to a San Diego Operational Area checklist, refer to the requirements in the 2014 CICCS guidelines.

Positions reviewed by Local Agencies

Agency Representative (AREP)
Crew Boss (CRWB)
Engine Boss (ENGB)
Firefighter Type 1 (FFT1)
Firefighter Type 2 (FFT2)
Fireline EMT (FEMT)
Fireline Paramedic (FEMP)
Incident Commander Type 4 (ICT4)
Incident Commander Type 5 (ICT5)

Positions reviewed by the Operational Area Committee

Aircraft Base Radio Operator (ABRO)
Aircraft Dispatcher (ACDP)
Aircraft Time Recorder (ATIM)
Base/Camp Manager (BCMG)
Claims Specialist (CLMS)
Communications Unit Leader (COML)
Compensation/Claims Unit Leader (COMP)
Compensation for Injury Specialist (INJR)
Cost Unit Leader (COST)
Deck Coordinator (DECK)
Demobilization Unit Leader (DMOB)
Display Processor (DPRO)
Division/Group Supervisor (DIVS)
Documentation Unit Leader (DOCL)
Equipment Manager (EQPM)
Equipment Time Recorder (EQTR)
Expanded Dispatch Recorder (EDRC)
Expanded Dispatch Support Dispatcher (EDSD)
Facilities Unit Leader (FACL)
Felling Boss (FELB)
Field Observer (FOBS)
Finance Section Chief Type 3 (FSC3)
Fire Effects Monitor (FEMO)
Firing Boss (FIRB)
Food Unit Leader (FUDL)
Geographic Information System Specialist (GISS)
Ground Support Unit Leader (GSUL)
Heavy Equipment Boss (HEQB)
Helibase Radio Operator (HERO)
Helicopter Crewmember (HECM)
Helicopter Manager Single Resource (HMGB)
Human Resource Specialist (HRSP)
Incident Commander Type 3 (ICT3)
Incident Communications Manager (INCM)
Incident Communications Technician (COMT)
Logistics Section Chief Type 3 (LSC3)
Medical Unit Leader (MEDL)
Operations Section Chief Type 3 (OSC3)
Ordering Manager (ORDM)
Personnel Time Recorder (PTRC)
Planning Section Chief Type 3 (PSC3)
Procurement Unit Leader (PROC)
Public Information Officer (PIOF)
Public Information Officer Type 3 (PIO3)
Radio Operator (RADO)
Receiving and Distribution Manager (RCDM)
Resources Unit Leader (RESL)
Safety Officer, Line (SOFR)
Safety Officer Type 3 (SOF3)
Security Manager (SECM)
Single Engine Air Tanker Manager (SEMG)
Situation Unit Leader (SITL)
Staging Area Manager (STAM)
Status Check-in Recorder (SCKN)
Strike Team Leader Crew (STCR)
Strike Team Leader Engine (STEN)
Strike Team Leader Heavy Equipment (STEQ)
Supply Unit Leader (SPUL)
Take-off and Landing Coordinator (TOLC)
Task Force Leader (TFLD)
Time Unit Leader (TIME)

Positions reviewed by the Regional CICCS Committee

Air Operations Branch Director (AOBD)
Air Support Group Supervisor (ASGS)
Air Tactical Group Supervisor (ATGS)
Expanded Dispatch Coordinator (CORD)
Finance/Administration Chief Type 2 (FSC2)
Helibase Manager 1 (HEB1)
Helibase Manager 2 (HEB2)
Helicopter Coordinator (HLCO)
Incident Commander Type 2 (ICT2)
Liaison Officer (LOFR)
Logistics Chief Type 2 (LSC2)
Operations Branch Director (OPBD)
Operations Section Chief Type 2 (OSC2)
Planning Section Chief Type 2 (PSC2)
Prescribed Fire Burn Boss Type 1 (RXB1)
Prescribed Fire Burn Boss Type 2 (RXB2)
Prescribed Fire Manager Type 1 (RXM1)
Prescribed Fire Manager Type 2 (RXM2)
Public Information Officer Type 2 (PIO2)
Safety Officer Type 2 (SOF2)
Structure Protection Specialist (STPS)
Training Specialist (TNSP)

Positions reviewed by the Statewide PACE V CICCS Committee

Area Commander (ACDR)
Area Command Aviation Coordinator (ACAC)
Area Command Logistics Chief (ACLC)
Area Command Planning Chief (ACPC)
Finance/Admin Section Chief Type 1 (FSC1)
Fire Behavior Analyst (FBAN)
Incident Business Advisor Type 1 (IBA1)
Incident Business Advisor Type 2 (IBA2)
Incident Commander Type 1 (ICT1)
Logistics Section Chief Type 1 (LSC1)
Long Term Fire Analyst (LTAN)
Operations Section Chief Type 1 (OSC1)
Planning Section Chief Type 1 (PSC1)
Public Information Officer Type 1 (PIO1)
Safety Officer Type 1 (SOF1)