Op Area Plan

XSD Op Area Plan

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Operational Area Organizational Chart

Cal OES Master Organizational Chart
Cal OES Fire and Rescue Organizational Chart

Section 1 – Introduction and Purpose

San Diego Operational Area Plan Introduction and Purpose
State Fire and Rescue Resource Mutual Aid Guidelines
California Fire Mutual Aid Powerpoint

Section 2 – Cal OES History

Cal OES History and Organization

Section 3 – Cal OES Plan and Region Map

Cal OES Mutual Aid Plan
OES Region Map
OES Southern Region Operational Areas

Section 4 – XSD Operational Area Website (sdoparea.org)

XSD Op Area Website Introduction
Op Area Links List

Section 5 – Operational Area Overview, Roles and Responsibilities

Operational Area Election Process
California Multi-Agency Coordination System (MACS)

Section 6 – Operational Area Report

XSD Op Area Daily Report Introduction

Section 7 – Operational Area Dispatch Information

XSD Op Area Dispatch Information Introduction
XSD Op Area Strike Team Identifiers

Section 10 – Burn Status Information

XSD Op Area Burn Status Information

Section 11 – Resource Ordering and Status System (ROSS)

OES Southern Region Operational Areas
2014 ROSS Business Practices

Section 12 – Operational Area Resource Ordering

2014 Mobilization Guide
CICCS Qualification Guide
Aircraft Ordering Script
LRA Overhead Ordering Matrix
LRA Equipment Ordering Matrix
LRA Handcrew or Dozer Ordering Matrix

Section 13 – Communications Plans and Resources

FIRESCOPE Radio Communications Guide

Section 14 – Contracts and Agreements

California Fire Management Agreement (CFMA)
Agreement for Local Government Fire and Emergency Assistance to the State of California and Federal Fire Agencies (CFAA)
California Fire Service and Rescue Emergency Mutual Aid System- Master Mutual Aid Plan (MMA)

Section 15 – Cal OES Bulletins

Cal OES Ops Bulletin 1 – Closest Resource Concept

Section 16 – San Diego County Annex B

San Diego County Annex B